E-cigarettes will be Legalized in New Zealand

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E-cigarettes will be legalised

The Government has announced it will change the law to officially legalise the sale of nicotine e-cigarettes. 

The change is a huge success for the New Zealand e-cigarette industry. Vape products won't be in white plain packaging, and will not incur high taxes like tobacco products.

Nicky Wagner Associate Health Minister said "Around the world we can't get clear research about this. But what we're thinking is they are about 95 per cent less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes."

"The change came despite the fact scientific evidence of the safety of e-cigarettes was still in development"

The new rules for all e-cigarettes and e-liquid products containing nicotine or not will include restricting the sale of these products to people 18 years of age and over, banning vaping in indoor areas where smoking is prohibited, and heavy restrictions on advertising.

Broader e-cigarette advertising, such as on radio, TV and billboards, won't be allowed but retailers will be able to display the products in their retail stores.

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