Is vaping legal in New Zealand?

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Is vaping legal in New Zealand?

Vaping is legal in New Zealand and has a legal framework and regulations to ensure that vaping products sold and used here in Aoteroa are safe. We have covered the frequently asked questions about the rules in New Zealand, from what products can be sold in New Zealand to where you can and can't purchase vape products.

What is a Notified Product?

As of February 11th 2022, all vaping and smokeless tobacco products must be notified to the VRA (Vaping Regulation Authority) to be sold on the New Zealand market. A notified product is a vaping or smokeless tobacco product that complies with the product safety requirements set out in the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Vaping Amendment Act. This means vape products must not contain any prohibited substances or flavours, and all products must be labelled and packaged according to the guidelines in the act. The act also lists caps for the maximum amount of nicotine in a single container (bottle) and a maximum bottle size.

Are all products on Caktus Vape Notified?

All products available for purchase on Caktus Vape are notified. However, some products on our website may be listed as Pending Notification - this means the brand or supplier for this product has not completed their application to the Vaping Regulation Authority, and it won't be available for purchase until their application is complete.

Why can't I buy flavoured vapes from Petrol Stations or Dairies?

To sell flavoured vape products in New Zealand other than Tobacco, Mint, or Menthol, you must be approved by the Vaping Regulation Authority to be a Specialist Vape Retailer (SVR). To qualify, your core business must be around vaping; with at least 60% of your total sales coming from vape products alone, you must also meet a set of requirements, including how you display and sell vape products in-store and online. General retailers such as petrol stations, supermarkets and dairies do not meet the requirements, so this is why you can no longer purchase flavoured vapes from these retailers.

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