Chosen Salts Juicy Grape

Chosen Salts Juicy Grape


Unfortunately, Chosen Salts Juicy Grape has been discontinued.

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A generous, smooth and Juicy fresh-pressed grape flavour

Nicotine Salt e liquid should only be used in low powered devices like Pod Kits & Tank Mod Kits at low wattage settings. To learn more on Nicotine Salts & who should use them, read our article What are Nicotine Salts?

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Liliana Blazic
Sherbet Berry and Grape Salt Vape

Amazing taste, really smooth taste. Its becoming a favourite

Jordan Haase
My fave

Love this one, it’s my favourite flavour!

Best Vape Flavour

This is the best-tasting vape juice I have found to date. I am not a fan of the "ice" flavours so this one is perfect and has a great juicy grape taste that I really enjoy.

Good flavour not my favorite though

Pretty good

not really grape?

Pros: good when mixed with another ejuice, no menthol
cons: kinda intolerable on its own, doesn't taste like grape, smell is overpowering and sickly.

i haven't found independent reviews of this, and i know that people here have said it was great, so i'm sure that i'm on my own with this but:
it doesn't really taste like grape at all to me, the smell is kinda overpowering in a sickly sort of way, and i'm not sure what it *actually* tastes like.
i've bought 4 30ml bottles of the 50mg, vaping it straight is impossible (i've gone through 1 4.7ml tank that way, just to be sure), using it as a 25mg base (mixed 50/50 with a non-nicotine grape ejuice that i make myself) makes it tolerable, but it's definitely not the best grape ejuice on the market.
if you're looking for a grape gum sorta flavour this probably isn't it, it doesn't really have a sweet taste and i can't recognise a grape or a gum flavour in it, but again it does mix in decently with other grape ejuices.

Hardware used for testing: Innokin t22 with 1.5ohm t18 coils, 9.5-13.5w (all wattages tested with consistent results)

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