The Milkman Milky O's

The Milkman Milky O's


Unfortunately, The Milkman Milky O's has been discontinued.

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The perfect trifecta of milk, chocolate and cookies all blended into a beautiful dessert vape. Upon inhale is a burst of chocolate and cream, coating your mouth with reminiscent memories as a child. Sweet and decadent, the milkman 60ml milky o's e-liquid finishes with a dazzling cascade of cream and milk to finish. The exhale is so creamy yet refined, making your mouth water for the next vape.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
A lil bit of sweetness

Quite enjoyable taste. A little bit sweeter compared to Milkman Original. Easily all day vapeable :)

Michael Tait
Tasty all day

Good juice, not to rich. Good for that all day Vaping ✌🏻

Haewon Jo
Through the years

Hi. I’ve been vaping since 2013 and realized early on that I veered towards flavors that were creamy, and buttery. So since then Milkman’s Milky Os has been my go to. It’s flavor is creamy without overpowering with vanilla and I don’t know how but it’s milky. You won’t be disappointed or be able to switch flavors because nobody does it quite like milkman. Also I moved from the States to Australia last year and was really worried about the shipping costs from Texas to Australia, but luckily I found it right next door in beautiful New Zealand. If you’re considering it, go for it. Throughout many many sites, you’ll find that milkman is a known, and trusted brand and has lasted through the years because it’s nice balance of flavors and you can taste and feel the difference in quality from other copycats.

Adam Winton
Just perfect

Something you could vape all day. Right amount of sweet and flavour

Kevin Murray
Sweet but not too sweet

definitely can be vaped all day, great flavour

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