Infinity Pod System by RELX

Buy Flavoured Relx Pods in NZ. RELX (pronounced relax) is one of the most popular prefilled pod systems on the New Zealand market. Just purchase your device and prefilled relx pods, pop them into the device and vape. No filling, no mess, simple as! In addition, Relx NZ offers a wide variety of premium vape flavours in 35mg to 50mg nicotine salt. Explore Relx's large flavour range here!
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What flavours are available in the Infinity Pod System by RELX?

Infinity Pod System by RELX offers a wide range of flavour profiles, including Bakery & Dessert, Fruit, Ice & Menthol, Tobacco, some popular flavours include Taro Scoop, Ludou Ice, Watermelon, Orange, Mint, Menthol Plus, Classic Tobacco, Lychee, Strawberry.

What nicotine strength is the Infinity Pod System by RELX available in?

Infinity Pod System by RELX is available in Nicotine Salts in strengths - 35mg, 50mg,
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