If you are Age Verified you will be shown as Age Verified in your Caktus Vape account. If you would like to become Age Verified please click the button below.

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How do I get Age Verified?

Fill out our quick & easy form using your New Zealand drivers license or New Zealand passport. We instantly submit your details to verify your age against the official NZTA and NZ Passports databases. A response comes back in roughly 2-5 seconds confirming your age and you are done. We then verify your account as 18+ and you will now be age verified.

What are the benefits of being Age Verified?

If your account is age verified you will be able to ship your parcels No Signature required and give the courier authority to leave your parcels in your letterbox or on your property. To see these shipping options at checkout, make sure you log in before or during checkout, so we can verify your age.

If you don't have an age verified account, we will apply an age check on delivery sticker to your shipped parcels. On delivery the courier will ask for Photo ID and a signature from the receiver to verify they are 18+. If no one is able to receive the parcel, it will be taken back to your local depot and a card left to collect the parcel or arrange a re-delivery.

How much does it cost to become Age Verified?

Age Verified is free for all customer accounts.


Protecting your personal information is always very important to us. We use one of New Zealand's leading providers of online electronic identity verification (Verifi Identity Services) to verify your age. Your sensitive ID data is secure and not stored by us in anyway. We use your sensitive ID data for the limited time of running the age verification check and then that data is destroyed. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.


Age Verified is optional. You must use your own New Zealand drivers license or Passport to complete the check, using someones else's information to complete the process is Identity Theft and you can be prosecuted under New Zealand law. You need to hold a Caktus Vape account before you can become Age Verified. For more information please read our Terms & Conditions.

If you would like to become Age Verified please click the button below.

Get Age Verified
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