Black Note Cigarette

Black Note Cigarette


Unfortunately, Black Note Cigarette has been discontinued.

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The Cigarette Blend is not for everyone, while most Black Note real tobacco blends are known for their smooth and refined flavour, this Cigarette Blend is certainly not. This American blend contains a mix of Virginia, Burley and Turkish leaf tobacco that’s been fermented and aged in oak barrels.

Customer Reviews

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Jordan Howe
Very good

Just tried the Cigarette flavour from Black Note and I'm very impressed. Very nice Cigarette flavour. Highly recommended.

Craig GIlder
for smokers

This is what i have been after for a long time, not for everyone, by itself its a little fill on for me but i half and half it with Kentucky, highly recommend getting it and trying it and mix it with other black note flavors to suit your pallet

real cigarette in vape form

I have looked everywhere for this type of vape liquid and have found it.
one of the truest tasting E liquids I have found.
if you are after a true taste and feel of a Cigarette look no further then this one.
for cigarette smokers who want to get off smokes and into vape but find it hard to get the authentic hit of a smoke here you are.

Edita Bosancic

Taste like a real cigarette. No sweetness to it. Love it.

Mixed Feelings

First time I tried this one from Black Note and ....yuk! It tastes like a cigarette. It has a strong distinct flavour.
It was a bit difficult to decide what rating to give this one, I don't like the flavour but Black Note did kinda nail it though. Anyway, I will buy this again. I blend it into the flavours I like so the taste of it reminds me all about giving up the cigs in the first place. Cheers.

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