Charlie Noble Drinks Lemonade Ice

Charlie Noble Drinks Lemonade Ice


Unfortunately, Charlie Noble Drinks Lemonade Ice has been discontinued.

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We took some homemade lemonade fresh from the pitcher, and made it just a little icy.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan H
Great taste & Volume & price

Genuine lemon mint flavour, larger size with competitive price!

Don't bother

This juice is EXTREMELY thin and separates when shaken unlike any other juice I have used before. It was also disintegrating (not burning) the cotton in my rda which can't be healthy. I doubt it was just a bad batch as others seem to also have encountered similar issues with this juice. In terms of flavour there is not even a hint of ice or menthol and it tastes no different than the regular lemonade flavour and I didn't have any issues with that one so I'd just get that instead.

Mike Brown
Refreshing vap

This sounded really great so thought I would give it a try, very nice vap

one of the best flavors ive tried

my solid #2. solid lemon flavor even at lower watts. menthol isnt bad too. smooth and fruity. will be ordering this again soon.

Hard to please.

When reading the small print on the bottle I noticed it saying, sale only allowed in the United states. Plus the DOB. 08.01.19 . Am a little disappointed in the product as it looks like it separates when shaken plus didn't vape properly through my new LUXE S VAPORESSO , COIL BURNED OUT FIRST DAY OF USE, SORRY , just telling it as it is.😟.

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