Jam Monster Salts Blackberry

Jam Monster Salts Blackberry


Unfortunately, Jam Monster Salts Blackberry has been discontinued.

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Blackberry by Jam Monster takes a slice of perfectly toasted, crisp, golden brown bread, gives it a little spread of butter and then loads it with mouthwatering blackberry jam

Nicotine Salt e liquid should only be used in low powered devices like Pod Kits & Tank Mod Kits at low wattage settings. To learn more on Nicotine Salts & who should use them, read our article What are Nicotine Salts?

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tama Kraal

Not bad. Not the best flavour but its alot better than some others ive bought

Gruzfer Ming
Very nice

Bit odd at first, but started enjoying it a lot afterwards:)

Neil Dyer
Monster jam

Having smoked 40+ cigarettes a day I’ve managed to stop completely with the help of Monster Jam.
Have used it for three months in my Uwell Caliburn with no coil burns. The flavour holds its taste and has minimal throat burn.

pretty gross

I dont know what it is about it, but the "buttery toast" feels like an excuse for not being able to make a good tasting vape. I really did try to like it a few times too. If they made a solitary blackberry im sure it would be good but im going to save that extra 5$ and stick with charlie nobles which doesnt make me gag.

Ted Carr

very nice a lot of flavour

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