The Milkman Delights Truffleberry

The Milkman Delights Truffleberry


Unfortunately, The Milkman Delights Truffleberry has been discontinued.

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Truffleberry from the Milkman’s new Delights line is modeled after a rich and decadent chocolate truffle infused with a mouthwatering raspberry filling. The rich chocolate and sweet raspberry flavours in this exquisite offering are carefully balanced such that neither is overpowered by the other, offering a highly complex flavour throughout the Truffleberry experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ken Macaulay
Nice - moderately strong but not overpowering

Not as sweet as I thought from reading other reviews (I like the very sweet ones) - or as strong on the flavour as I found the Kilo Blueberry cream for instance - but still a very nice vape.
Good one to take on the road, especially if you are planning to have a few drinks, or mixing with a little bit of blueberry cream..

Rhys hounsell

Best one yet and I will be buying it again right now

One of my favourites

I use a Vaporesso Cascade One Plus. Since this vape doesn't allow for wattage changes, some juices can cause the vape to spit unless the airflow is low. This juice doesn't spit unless you prime the coil improperly

The juice produces a decadant, and surprisingly authentic, chocolate-raspberry flavour. The raspberry flavour is stronger than the chocolate, which stops the flavour from becoming overwhelmingly sweet. The aftertaste is pleasantly smooth and subtle, and doesn't leave you feeling sick or unable to eat afterwards. If you want to increase the strength of the flavour, lowering the airflow of the tank will will increase the strength of the flavour. The juice will not spit regardless of the level of airflow, however, the lower the airflow the warmer the vapour will be (vapes typically act this way when the airflow is changed). Additionally, if you vape around other people (who do not mind breathing in nicotine), it will not produce an artificial smell that may scare off your friends

In all, this juice is excellent if you want a sweet, creamy juice you can use consistently without suffering from excessive sweetness or spitting. If, however, you are looking for a juice with a punch, this may not be the juice for you. The flavour of this juice, while decadent, seems to be designed for consistent use (ie. does not overwhelm you after extended use)

There are, however, a few downsides. These are only pet peeves for me, so I will not dock stars for them. As others have mentioned, you can smell the juice through the packaging, which I am personally not a fan of. Also, the dropper cap dispenser is not ideal as you need to wipe the tank clean before closing it. Finally, the juice is quite viscous which can gum up a high resistance coil, causing it to burn sooner. If this happens, ensure the tank always has plenty of juice, and flick the vape towards a paper towel every so often. I believe increasing the wattage also helps, but my vape cannot do that

Sam Mowat

Over powering smell , Turkish delight taste the misses hates it

Sam Norris
Not sure what the big deal is

Don't taste all that much flavor from this, seems very muted... Pretty average. This is the second of the Milkman products I've tried that has disappointed me, but hey maybe that's just me.

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