Uwell Yearn Pod - Vanilla Tobacco (2pcs)

Uwell Yearn Pod - Vanilla Tobacco (2pcs)

By Uwell


Unfortunately, Uwell Yearn Pod - Vanilla Tobacco (2pcs) has been discontinued.


Vanilla Tobacco flavour pre-filled pods for the Uwell Yearn Pod Kit.

How to use: With Uwell's unique isolated e-liquid chamber your pods will be fresh right up until you activate them. To activate your pod insert it into your Yearn, then let it sit for 10 minutes before first use. It's important that you give the cotton inside the pod time to soak in the e liquid after activation. This is to prevent a dry hit and burning the cotton.

Note: This pod is only compatible with the Uwell Yearn Pod Kit. Not for use in any other pod system.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Kat Jones

I absolutely loved the vanilla tobacco yearn pods. But they’ve discontinued making them. There is nothing like them. I hope another company can recreate them.


Loved the vanilla flavour!! Arrived within a few days.

Angela Ryan
Great flavour

Great flavour the vanilla. Quick postage from NZ to Australia

Jay Nonnenmacher
taste fantastic

I was so unsure about the flavour but i actually really dig the vanilla tabacco

Chris McLachlan
Great little vape

I have been using the Uwell Yearn vape for some time now ( I have 3 machines ). I find the flavour of the prefilled pods is second to none. I have not been able to find any other flavour quite as good. Really good.

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